Take a stand against BSL in Broward County, FL

We’ve been receiving very strong, positive responses from the Broward County Commissioners taking a stand against Vice Mayor Barbara Sharief’s motion which she will present at the commissioners’ meeting today (Tuesday, Feb. 26). That motion seeks approval from the state to pursue a breed specific ordinance – an action that is prohibited by Florida state law. The state law was passed not long after Miami/Dade enacted its ban on pit bulls, and Miami/Dade, as well as a handful of other cities with breed specific laws, were grandfathered in, but from that point on, cities could not pass ordinances that discriminated against breeds.

Please take a stand for Broward County dog owners, as well as all dog owners in Florida. Other communities are waiting in the wings for the result of Broward’s efforts. Please drive the message home to Barbara Sharief and any other legislator in Florida that they cannot override state law when they so please. The state law prohibiting BSL was enacted for a reason, and that reason is simple… legislators realize breed specific ordinances do not maintain the health, safety and welfare of the members of their communities – the people and the animals alike – and they are flawed, ineffective and unenforceable laws that drain the resources of a community. Sound animal control laws focus on irresponsible and reckless pet owners, not the pets themselves.

Please take a moment to send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to breed specific legislation to the Broward County Commissioners. When you get a positive response from a Commissioner, please take the time to thank them. If you are in Broward County, please make every effort to attend the meeting, which starts at 10:00 a.m., to make the point loud and clear – BSL is not acceptable in Florida, and the only changes to be made will be to repeal the breed specific ordinances already in place!

Contact information for the individual county officials is below.  If you’re not comfortable writing your own letter, Best Friends has put together an action alert that addresses all the important issues, including the estimated cost of enacting a breed specific ordinance to the tax paying residents of Broward County — an astronomical $2.6 million annually!

Best Friends’ Action Alert: http://www.capwiz.com/bestfriends/issues/alert/?alertid=62440601

Broward County Commissioners
Commissioner Barbara Sharief
Phone: 954-357-7008
Fax: 954-357-5704

Commissioner: Martin David Kiar
email: mkiar@broward.org

Commissioner: Kristin Jacobs
Email: kjacobs@broward.org

Commissioner: Stacy Ritter

Commissioner: Chip LaMarca
email: clamarca@broward.org

Commissioner: Lois Wexler

Commissioner: Sue Gunzburger

Commissioner: Tim Ryan
email: tryan@broward.org

Commissioner Dale Holness

Previous alerts on Broward County: https://blessthebullys.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/broward-county-fl-proposing-ban-on-pit-bulls/



2 responses to “Take a stand against BSL in Broward County, FL

  1. Please do not discriminate against one specific breed of dogs. What’s next? Discrimination agains people because of their physical characteristics? Bully breeds are among the gentlest, most loyal breeds of dogs – in fact they used to be the “babysiter” dogs at the turn of the century. The most decorated dog in the US Military Service in World War one was a Pitbull. This breed is GOOD. Please do not discriminate.

  2. Please stop this proposals that discriminate on good family dog’s this is discrimination on a bread it is ileagal I own an American pitbull terrier it is my daughter’s pet you know how they will feal if they were not allowed to have there puppy.

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