Bronwood, GA to discuss pit bull ordinance 3/4/12

The City of Bronwood, Georgia may adopt a breed specific dangerous dog ordinance following an alleged “pit bull” attack last night.

Terrell County Animal Control Director Martha Ann Coe addressed the city commission earlier this month and requested that they consider adopting a portion of Terrell County’s ordinance so she could enforce the ordinance in Bronwood.  If you recall, Terrell County adopted a pit bull ordinance last January, and the county has experienced continual problems with compliance and shelter overflow since that time.

Nevertheless, it appears Ms. Coe has recommended the Bronwood city council enact the same stringent dog regulations  that apply to the ownership of a variety of “pit bull type” dogs. Among other requirements, owners of such animals would be required to keep the dogs in cages 10 feet by 10 feet by 6 feet, employ microchip identification and hold a $100,000 insurance policy against damage and injuries.

Coe said the proposed new law for Bronwood will be up for consideration at the City Commission meeting on Monday, March 4, 2013.

Bronwood is a town of less than 250 people. They do not have their own animal control, and rely on Terrell County for that service. The town has no internet presence, and e-mail information is not available for the city officials. However, you may send your polite and respectful opposition to breed specific legislation to the city clerk via the fax number below. If you are in the area, please attend Monday’s city council meeting.

Town of Bronwood, GA
PO Box 56
Bronwood, GA 39826-0056
Phone:(229) 995-5708
Fax:(229) 995-5085


6 responses to “Bronwood, GA to discuss pit bull ordinance 3/4/12

  1. Louise where are you from??? That way I can bash it!!! I am from GA and damn proud of it!! I own an APBT and have another one on the way, I also run a rescue… or am I too dumb to do that. Do not go by ones ignorance to judge others, just like they are going by ones ignorance to ban a breed. You are just as guilty as these people with your judgmental comment. What you should be doing is contacting these people and helping to educate them rather than trash them…. all it does it make is worse for the dogs when people make comments like you did. I for one will use what I know, which is quite a bit about the breed, history, demeanor and such in hopes that they will take this into consideration.

  2. Rebecca Gibson

    I disagree with the ban…please, reconsider

  3. one dog attack and you want to ban a breed? oh well, we are talking about Georgia where the dogs are smarter than the people.

  4. Mary Degon - Pelletier

    How Could an AC officer consider BSL justified? I would think (hope!) anyone that holds such a position would not be biased about any animal. Each animal should be handled on a case by case basis – Especially by “professional” animal control personnel! I get so disheartened when I see AC calling for this type of legislation!

    Mary P.


    • I don’t know, Mary, and if you recall, when the article came out in December or January on the poor results of the Terrell County ban, Ms. Coe took great offense when the media portrayed her to be in favor of that ban. It appears the media got it right (for once), because she is obviously pushing for and and getting BSL passed.

    • Mary it is because these people are uneducated when it comes to the breed. If people really took the time to read up on these animals they would go after the owners for making such an amazing dog into such a beast. Unfortunately it is up to people that know and understand the breed to educate those that do not know or understand. You say the name and people have a look… why? They heard stories… wow!!! I was bit by a girat poodle when I was a kid, nice scar to prove it… what do I rescue? Pits… Love animals… it is all a matter of education. I am in hopes that we can get to these people with some positive material and they ban the owners not the breed.

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