Bronwood, GA says “NO” to BSL!

Several residents concerned about a proposed dangerous dog provision under consideration in Bronwood, Georgia attended Monday night’s city commissioner’s meeting. The city of Bronwood has a leash law, but does not have a dangerous dog ordinance.  The Terrell County animal control director requested the city consider adopting a portion of their ordinance. As many are aware, Terrell County’s ordinance, which targets pit bulls, has been documented to be extremely problematic and ineffective in the year since it was enacted.

According to City Manager Davina Davila, Bronwood’s existing animal control rules are not being followed, and without a city court, their hands are tied with respect to enforcement of the ordinance.  Davila would like to bring back the city court and make it easier for the city to enforce the ordinances themselves.

City Manager Davila also clarified that the ordinance under consideration is geared towards all dogs, and will not regulate pit bull ownership.  The bottom line, according to Davila, is that there are too many dogs and not enough people taking care of them, and they are working to make Bronwood a safe place to live for all residents – people and animals alike.

The city plans to continue to work toward a resolution to the animal control issues, and will bring that proposal back to the commission once complete.


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