Animal rights group supports pit bull ban in Watertown, WI

The animal rights group Global Conservation Group (GCG) has written an open letter to the officials of Watertown, Wisconsin thanking them for introducing a proposal that would ban or regulate pit bulls in the Watertown city limits. In fact, CGC’s Vice President Jordan Turner states the organization places their full support with [the officials] and this proposed ordinance.

Oddly enough, in their letter, GCG admits that pit bulls are not involved in more attacks, nor do they cause greater injury, than any other breed of dog. However, GCG claims pit bulls should be banned because “they are by far, more abused and neglected than all other breeds of dogs.” Mr. Turner goes on to state that “’tough guys’ like to have them as ‘fashion statements’ to make them appear hardcore, but unfortunately the dogs often get neglected and abused or used in illegal dog fighting tournaments.”

So, let me get this straight.

Instead of focusing on these wannabe “tough guys” (otherwise known as the reckless, careless and negligent owners), GCG would rather punish the dogs who have no choice in the person who owns them, no ability to change their circumstances, and no voice to speak for themselves.

The basis for GCG’s support of breed specific legislation is, by far, the most ridiculous, ineffective and inadequate solution to a problem that is, indeed, very real.  Yes, there is no denying that pit bulls are among the most misunderstood, abused and neglected dogs out there … but is that the dogs’ fault or is it the owners’ fault?

Pretty easy question to answer, isn’t it?

It is simply naïve to believe that banning, and potentially eliminating, any breed of dog because bad owners exploit and abuse those dogs will prevent those same bad owners from getting another breed and be just as abusive and negligent. The cycle will continue regardless of the breed of dog involved.

Breed specific legislation is never the answer. EDUCATION is, and will always be, the key to changing the vicious circle of irresponsible dog ownership. Attempting to fix the problem by targeting the byproduct of the problem is pointless. Breed specific laws do not promote community safety because they ignore the biggest threat to the community – the reckless, careless and negligent dog owners, and it is simply irresponsible for anyone to promote these types of laws because they do nothing more than give residents a false sense of security.

I spoke with the Watertown city clerk this morning, and the City Council Safety Committee is still drafting their proposal. As such, the ordinance will likely not be on next week’s agenda. Please take this opportunity to write to the Watertown city officials and encourage them to pursue a breed-neutral ordinance that focuses on irresponsible dog owners rather than passing a law that targets dogs on appearance and leaves the community more vulnerable to the truly dangerous dogs (and their dangerous owners) out there.

As always, please be polite and respectful as you are representing all dog owners as a whole.

Mayor Ron Krueger

Mike Hoppenrath, City Clerk
City Hall
106 Jones Street
P.O. Box 477
Watertown, WI. 53094
Phone 920-262-4000
Fax 920-262-4016

Watertown Common Council
(block copy & paste e-mails),,,,,,,

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One response to “Animal rights group supports pit bull ban in Watertown, WI

  1. How can he be an animal rights activist and agree with BSL. Yes there have been an big UP Rore with Pitbills but that is cause they are the abused and neglected dog Breeds than all other breeds of dogs. People take advantage of them. Pitbulls and all Bully Breeds are very caring. Pit Bulls are very eager to please people. This devotion to people has contributed heavily to the bad reputation of Pit Bulls, because a bad person can use a Pit Bull’s eagerness to please to train the dog for nefarious or criminal purposes. People take this part about the dog and use it for there good not for the dogs. Some people who own a Bully Breed they don’t know how to train the dog take care of the dog or any thing at all that is when there are problems. People Use this dog as you would us Julery as some prize or to show off. Also Pit Bulls are super loyal. so they do what there owner tells them to do. Most dog bits are from “resident” dogs witch are dog that victims of isolation, and often abuse or neglect.Owners of resident dogs often fail to provide basic humane care for their dogs, resulting in animals that suffer from malnutrition or chronic disease or illness.Owners often keep resident dogs isolated on chains or in junk-yards, or allow their dogs to roam unattended. Like no bits are from “family” dogs, implying that these were dogs whose owners interacted with them on a regular basis in positive and humane ways.

    You wont to ban new ownership of pit bulls in the city of Watertown. Why in the heck should they do that????????? I say ban the people who dog has bit some one and i mean every dog that has bit some of from getting another dog. This is not the dogs Falt us HUMANS make them this way. I know alot of people and see alot of people not take care of there dog, not train there dog, dont give it the right kind of exercise. that is what cause the problem so look on the other end of the leash my friend. I all so know of dog owners who love there dog they are part of the family they are treated like Kings and Queens of the house. They walk there dog play with there dog Socialize there dog and more. That is what makes a great dog in any breed. My god son face was rip apart by a LAB he need 10 surgery now he has a nice scare on his face. He was 4 years old. So not only can bully breeds bit any kind of dog bites. You wont to know who i blame for him getting bit not the dog nope i blame his mother 1 for not watching him 2 for not teaching him how to be with dogs and i blame his step dad for not training his dog to be around kids and to know what a kid is. My brother years ago during River fest got bit in town right by the park by a lab mix dog. he did not even know the dog at all. this was not reported what so ever it was not the dogs fault at all. It was my lil brothers he had the balls at like 10 years old to take a bone away from a strange dog. well guess what he got bit. my parents razed him not to do it as well he just did not care got bit never did it agen and gess what he not afraid of dog niter. You need to look at the dogs back ground since it was a pup to now and look at the owners how they take care of the dog. I have been around dogs my hole live i am 23 years old. i have had all different types of breeds all great dogs. right now i have 2 mix breeds and i know what they are as well and both have pit in them and there the sweetest things. so if you wont to ban the new ownership of pit bulls in the city of Watertown well i dont agree with that at all. That means when i wont to get another dog i could not get a pit or pit mix or bully breed witch is not right because i am a very responsible dog owner. I train my dogs all the commands they need to know and tricks they are socialized from day one with other dogs people kids water and anything and every thing. I even train my dog so they dont have food aggression witch any dog can have. if you dont know how to take care of a animal, dog cat any thing then don’t have one at all.

    That is the problem all the people who dont know how to or dont wont to take care of there pet causes the problem. so the people who dont have there pet trained or have had complaints townerds there pet should be DENIED to have another one. In Milwaukee with the fighting dog that have been lock up. Well one of the dog fighters now has 3 new dogs in his yard that is a problem if they do it once they do it agen. If a family has pets don’t train them they never will with every pet and they pass this down to there kids and on and on.

    So before you wont to Support BSL and ban a bread think about the hold situation.

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