Bluefield, WV proposes ban on pit bulls

The Board of Directors in Bluefield, West Virginia have instructed the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would ban pit bulls from the city limits. Bluefield currently has an ordinance regulating the ownership of “pit bulls.” However, the city has continued to experience animal control issues because their ordinance, which targets dogs based on appearance rather than behavior, cannot be enforced.

The city attorney advises a draft ordinance may be ready by the next Board of Directors meeting on March 26.

In the meantime, please encourage the Board of Directors to consider the many options available that will create a safer community without targeting specific breeds of dogs. As they are already aware their current ordinance is not working, ask them to see this as an opportunity to start from scratch and consider an ordinance that focuses on reckless and irresponsible owners, as well as dogs that display certain behaviors. A strong, enforceable breed-neutral ordinance will help them achieve their goals of a safe community for all members – people and animals.

Talking points and alternatives to breed specific legislation can be found here.

As always, please be polite and respectful in all your communications with officials, as you are representing responsible dog owners as a whole.

Many thanks to Jo Staats for the heads up. I know she will keep us updated on how things are going there.

City of Bluefield
200 Rogers St
Bluefield, WV 24701
(304) 327-2401

Mayor Linda Whalen

Director Mary Frances Brammer

Director Deb Sarver

Director Pete Sternloff

Director Tom Blevins

Agendas and Meeting minutes can be found here.


5 responses to “Bluefield, WV proposes ban on pit bulls

  1. Please don’t punish the breed, look what it’s done to other states the Breed ban laws they have ripped innocent family dogs out of their loving homes , ethunized and left to rot it’s beyond horable . Please I beg please do not pass this ban, instead pass a Spay / neautor law , and go after the ones whom abuse, fight, neglect,mistreat their animals Not the dogs it’s not their fault .. FYI- IN A ONE YEAR STUDY 129 DOGS WERE RESPONSABLE FOR BITING PEOPLE THE GOLDEN RETREVER TOPPED THE LIST WITH THE HIGGEST NUMBER OF BITES. (That’s right Americas family loved pet like the one on the sitcom Punky Brewster ) -Coalition for living with dogs July 07 July 08 .. Please take an hour of your day and watch the Documentary -BEYOND THE MYTH. It had a lot of great, sad but great information in it.. Thank you for taking the time to read this Please take the time to not pass the breed specific ban it is an inhumane way to go consider spay neautor laws instead..

  2. Bridget Arbaugh

    I’ve always been a dog lover but not a fan of Pits. This is because all the horrible stories I’ve heard. Three years ago, my inlaws picked up a Pit on the side of the road. It was malnourished & scared. I agreed to foster him until he found a forever home. I had no idea what I was in for. After all, I had a 9 year old Boston Terrier that loathed other animals and a 12 year old son I was concerned about. Of course, my son begged to keep him from day one. The Boston never really warmed up to him and died at the age of 11. The Pit laid crying beside her bed for weeks after her passing. Regardless of how little the Boston cared for him, he loved her anyway. As my luck would have it, a Chihuahua was dropped near my house. While fostering the Chihuahua, my family saw a huge change in our Pit. He was spunky, playful & happy, again. Needless to say, our Pit sleeps with his sister, the Chihuahua & my son. Several months ago, our house was one of several in our neighborhood that was robbed. I came home to find two men locked in my bedroom. My Pit was lying on the floor, chewing on his toy, acting as if nothing was wrong. He didn’t even bark, let alone attempt to attack anyone. After being around him, it didn’t take long to realize, you can’t always believe what you hear. I ask this story be considered prior to making a decision. Animals are just like people. They only know what they are taught. Many, including mine, are taught to love. Please, don’t make a decision on “facts” via the media. I would welcome anyone into my home. I assure you, they would leave with a totally different opinion of a Pit. He is not my dog. He is my family. I ask that you consider not punishing the victims but to punish the humans leading these Pits to behave badly.

  3. Tammy Ponceroff

    This is really breed discrimination! These dogs are ONLY taught by their owner!!! I have seen in the news where a PITBULL saved their owner NOT ATTACKED them!!! It really makes no difference in the breed its ALL in how the animal is taught!!!! This ban is ridiculous, not mention as waste of time that could/should be focused on other issues!!!!

  4. Please do not Bully the breed….pitbulls are not bad dogs…people make them that way…we do not what them singled out and falsely labeled,,,Thank you.

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