Royal Oak, MI: Info for those attending Commissioner’s meeting on 3/18/13

The Royal Oak City Commissioners will meet tonight  (Monday, March 18, 2013) to discuss animal control issues. We learned that concerns about “bully breeds” were discussed at great length at last month’s commissioner’s meeting. Our previous alert with additional information can be found at this link:

I received this update from those who have been working hard on preventing the passage of a breed specific ordinance in Royal Oak, and encouraging the city commissioners to implement a strong, breed-neutral ordinance instead:

“If you are going to attend the Commissioners meeting tomorrow night, I would encourage only Royal Oak residents present to the commissioners, thanking the city attorney for his effort in drafting the recommendation, endorsing the NAIA Model Animal Control Law. The NAIA model ordinance was the framework that Farmington Hills and Wyandotte base their ordinances on. To read the City Attorney recommendation copy the following address into your browser:

The recommendation has a link to it adjacent to the agenda items for dogs. IMHO, the more encouragement for the bred neutral recommendation the better.

It is my belief that if comments are made, those comments should endorse the breed neutral advantages to the NAIA Model Animal Control Law. Unless there is a community push back against the city attorney’s recommendation (I do not anticipate one) it almost goes to the strategy “the less said the better.

It has always been my goal on putting in place a strong dangerous dog law. One that is enforceable. One that does not need to be reopened every time a new dog relate issue comes up. Royal Oak is poised to do just that, adopt a rock solid breed neutral dangerous dog law.”

Bless the Bullys also encourages using the NAIA Model Animal Control Law as a guide, and we’re pleased to see Royal Oak taking the model law into serious consideration. We look forward to learning the results of tonight’s meeting, and wish the residents of Royal Oak much success!


2 responses to “Royal Oak, MI: Info for those attending Commissioner’s meeting on 3/18/13

  1. Update on the meeting: the city commissioners present all supported the recommendation of the city attorney (see link below) to strengthen dangerous dog laws without singling out any specific breed. Thank you for the support, Bless the Bullys!

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