Public Safety Committee still reviewing pit bull ordinance (Watertown, WI)

We learned in early February that officials in Watertown, Wisconsin are considering an ordinance that would deem all pit bulls “vicious” and place new restrictions on their owners.

According to the ordinance, a pit bull is defined as any dog that is an:
*American pit bull terrier;
*American Staffordshire terrier;
*Staffordshire bull terrier; or
*Any dog displaying a majority of one or more of the other three breeds.

The restrictions outlined in the ordinance include posting of signs on a dog owner’s property, making sure outdoor pen areas are secured and muzzling dogs at all times when they are off the owner’s property. The committee is also considering requiring pit bull and vicious dog owners to maintain a minimum amount of $500 of liability insurance.

You can read more about the proposal at our original alert posted on February 11, 2013.

I spoke with the city clerk today (March 19), and she advised that the ordinance is still being reviewed by the Public Safety Committee, and is not on tonight’s city council agenda.

Please take this opportunity with the additional time we have to reach out to the Watertown officials with your polite, respectful and informative opposition to the members of the Common Council below. Please also include viable suggestions and alternate breed-neutral ordinances for their consideration. We suggest using the NAIA’s Guide to Constructing Successful Pet Friendly Ordinances.  Encourage the Watertown officials to pass a law that focus on reckless and irresponsible dog owners which will result in a safer environment for the entire community – people and animals alike.

You can find talking points for your letters here.

Mayor Ron Krueger

Mike Hoppenrath, City Clerk
City Hall
106 Jones Street
P.O. Box 477
Watertown, WI. 53094
Phone 920-262-4000
Fax 920-262-4016

Watertown Common Council
(block copy & paste e-mails),,,,,,,

**Please note that Mr. Kuehl, the council president, doesn’t make his e-mail address available. As such, please direct correspondence to him via the city clerk with a polite request to forward to him.


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