ARKANSAS: Oppose SB910

Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society for this information on Arkansas Senate Bill 910!

SB 910 is a bill that should be of concern to all Arkansas dog owners.  It would allow for quorum courts (a small legislative body in certain counties) to regulate animal matters in private communities without limit.

SB 910 states:

(b) The quorum court may by ordinance regulate animals upon petition by a majority of landowners or a property owners’ association within the private community, including without limitation leash or harness requirements for domestic animals when the animals are outside the animal owner’s property.

(c) As used in this section, “private community” means a community outside the corporate limits of a municipality but within a platted subdivision or a condominium complex.

SB 910 gives the courts too much unrestricted power and creates inconsistencies in the exercise of power. Under SB910, regulations may be implemented at any time by the courts and could cover any animal-related topic including pet limits and breed-discriminatory legislation.

If you recall, we experienced problems with the Garland County Quorum Court in late 2012 when the issue of a pit bull ban was proposed. The status of that proposed law remains uncertain as the issue was left unresolved in order to allow newly elected court members to weigh in.

Please use the Best Friends’ quick and easy letter writing tool with its targeting talking points to let your legislators know you don’t support this bill and ask them to OPPOSE SB910.


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