Maine: HB 836 would prevent insurance company discrimination

A bill has been proposed in the Maine legislature that would prohibit the refusal to issue, or the cancellation or nonrenewal of a property insurance policy, or an increase in the premium for the policy, based solely on the policyholder’s ownership of a certain breed of dog.

HB 836, proposed by Representative Chenette, and cosponsored by Representatives Beaudoin, Beck, Chipman, Plante and Senator Valentino, is currently in the Joint Committee on Insurance and Financial Services.

MAINE RESIDENTS: Please contact the members of the Joint Committee on Insurance and Financial Services, as well as the legislators for your district, and encourage them to pass this bill in order to prevent insurance companies from discriminating against dog owners, an action that creates undue hardship on responsible dog owners.

(Block copy & paste e-mail for committee members),,,,,,,,,,,

*Please note, the Chairman of the Committee, Senator Geoff Gratwick, does not make his e-mail address available. Please forward any correspondence to Senator Gratwick to the Committee Clerk, Molly Gallant:

To find your Senator, please click here.

To find your House Representative, please click here.


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