MARYLAND: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on pit bull bill

Very disappointing news out of Maryland.

Lawmakers failed to reach a compromise on the bill that would overturn the Maryland Court of Appeals’ ruling finding pit bulls inherently dangerous. The General Assembly ended its session Monday night, with the House unable to compromise on who is liable for dog bites.

The move leaves dog owners in the lurch for another year, and the failure of the legislature to act on this issue threatens many families who will now be forced to choose between their homes and their dogs.

Last April, a state court of appeals ruled all pit bulls “inherently dangerous” after the 2007 attack of a Towson boy. The ruling held landlords and dog owners liable if their pit bull bit anyone. Following the ruling, neighbors in the Armistead Gardens community received a letter telling them to get rid of their pit bulls or face eviction. Three dog owners filed a complaint in federal court. That federal court case currently pending.

My heart goes out to the families who will be affected by legislators who couldn’t work through their differences, and to all those in Maryland who worked so very hard on this issue. I know you aren’t giving up, and we stand behind you in your future efforts to turn this around.



4 responses to “MARYLAND: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on pit bull bill

  1. That would be like asking me to give up my children for adoption! None of this is ever going to stop until all of our freedom is consumed, and we are slaves to government rules. Unbelievable.

  2. It is a sad day to be a Marylander!

  3. This is just so wrong on so many levels! So by their reasoning, because there are corrupt politicians, courts and lawmakers, ALL politicians, courts. and lawmakers are corrupt and should be banned from public service or ousted from office? BSL is not a logical solution. We, as advocates, need to come up with a way to effectively turn up the heat and make these people use common sense and logic on the BSL issues and get these laws off the books! Stop acting out of fear, lawmakers!

  4. I have lived in Maryland for 11 years and was always happy that we moved here until now. A very sad day for Maryland dog owners 😦

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