Westwego, LA: Councilman wants to regulate certain breeds of dogs

At last night’s city council meeting, Westwego city councilman Glenn Green said he hopes to introduce an ordinance next month that could ban certain breeds of “vicious dogs” inside the city limits. As the proposal has yet to be presented, the details are unknown, but Green pledged to make it costly for Westwego residents to own certain types of dogs.

Green first announced his intention to introduce an ordinance a few days after a March 14 dog attack in which a woman was attacked in her home by her own dogs. Green was expected to introduce his proposal last night, but instead, he sought guidance from fellow council members.

The city attorney advised there is no case law barring Westwego from banning certain types of dogs from the city. He noted, however, that it would be “very difficult” to prevent an attack taking place in someone’s home by their own pets.

Moreover, Mayor Shaddinger stated he did not want to regulate dogs in people’s homes, and he knows that the public doesn’t want that either.

In 2000, Westwego implemented an ordinance that targets pit bull-type dogs, but Green says he intends on naming several “breeds known for aggressiveness” in his proposal, specifically naming rottweilers.

Westwego residents should reach out to their city officials NOW. Let them know you do not support breed specific legislation, and offer your input and suggestions on any ordinance that may be proposed in the next few weeks.


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