Bluefield, W.Va: Proposed pit bull ban on Board agenda April 23

The proposed pit bull ban is on the Bluefield, West Virginia Board of Directors meeting agenda on Tuesday, April 23 at 6:00 p.m.

Thanks to Bluefield WV Responsible Owners Coalition for this update:

The last meeting which was the FIRST READING of the amendment that would ban certain dogs was listed as a reading only, that no public comment would be heard on the item. Instead, the Board was advised by City Attorney Brian Cochran that no public hearing is required due to no increase in revenue anticipated to the City..i.e. no increase of dollar amounts in fees, fines, and court costs. We challenge this issue and disagree with his interpretation of State Code. We contend BSL is not revenue neutral.

Our own Blaine Braithwaite has issued a series of questions to Mr. Cochran and the Board of Directors, we are hopeful that as a result, the Board of Directors will permit public address PRIOR to the second reading.

While it’s likely officials would limit the number of speakers and the length of their individual addresses, it is EXTREMELY important that we ALL plan to be in attendance, make any contact possible PRIOR to Tuesday’s meeting, and ensure that “our representatives” HEAR OUR CONCERNS.

We’ll be posting more data this weekend that can be printed and shared with officials, or emailed to them for consideration.

If you are in the Bluefield area, please make every effort to attend the Board meeting on Tuesday.  In the meantime, please continue to send your polite and respectful opposition to the Bluefield city officials.  The contact information, as well as the proposed ordinance, can be found in our previous alerts.


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