Murfreesboro, Arkansas bans “pit bulls”

Thanks to Jesse for this update.

The city of Murfreesboro, Arkansas has passed an ordinance banning pit bull-type dogs within the city limits. The ordinance was passed on an “emergency” basis, with city officials claiming that pit bulls pose a significant risk of injury to citizens due to the aggressive nature of the breed and the threat of attack.  City officials say there have been numerous complaints about “pit bulls,”  but that claim is disputed by residents.

The city council passed the ordinance during a meeting on Monday, April 8, 2013, and the ordinance takes effect immediately. Residents have 90 days to rehome their dogs. Anyone who continues to own a pit bull dog could face up to a $500 per day penalty.

Ordinance No. 281 defines a “pit bull” as:

American Pit Bull Terrier,
Staffordshire Bull Terrier,
American Staffordshire Terrier,
American Bull Dog,
or any mix of the above and/or any dog conforming or substantially conforming to any of the above breeds.

After 90 days, any dog meeting the above definition of “pit bull” and found within city limits, can be subject to seizure, and owners will be fined up to $500 per every day the dog remains within city limits.

Of significant importance, non-resident (i.e., those traveling through the city) in possession of any of the breeds above are allowed passage through the city without a fine, but you may not stop in the city limits.


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