Bills in Connecticut, Maine and Nevada need our support!

Bills pending in the state legislatures in Connecticut, Maine and Nevada need our support.  If you reside in one of these states, please reach out to your legislators and let them know you support these bills, and they should, too!


HB 6311 would prohibit Connecticut municipalities from passing breed specific ordinances.

On April 18, HB6311 received a favorable review from the Legislative Commissioners, and the bill was placed on the House Calendar under File No. 572and is ready to be heard.  Bills are called up in the order in which they appear on the calendar, and HB6311 is slowly making its way up the list.

CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS: Please continue to encourage your legislators to SUPPORT this bill.

To find the legislators for your district here.

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HP836/LD1192 would prohibit the refusal to issue, or the cancellation or non-renewal of a property insurance policy, or an increase in the premium for the policy, based solely on the policyholder’s ownership of a certain breed of dog.

A hearing and work session have been held in the Joint Committee on Insurance and Financial Services. You can read the public hearing testimony both for and against the bill here.

Please encourage the members of the Joint Committee on Insurance and Financial Services to SUPPORT this bill.

(Block copy & paste e-mail for committee members),,,,,,,,,,,

*Please note, the Chairman of the Committee, Senator Geoff Gratwick, does not make his e-mail address available. Please forward any correspondence to Senator Gratwick to the Committee Clerk, Molly Gallant:

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A hearing held in the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee on AB110 this week hit a snag when one of the committee members insisted that municipalities should have the ability to regulate dogs in any manner in which they choose – including breed specific measures. AB110 would prohibit municipalities from passing breed specific ordinances, and its passage would force cities to target the root of problem dogs, irresponsible and reckless dog owners.

It is extremely important that Nevada residents contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately and let them know you support this very important bill that would prohibit BSL. Please provide the members of the committee with facts, statistics and studies on the failure of breed specific legislation.

Please make your voice heard and help this bill make it out of committee!

Senate Judiciary Committee Members Telephone Contact Information

Aaron Ford

Tick Segerblom

Ruben Kihuen

Justin Jones

Greg Bower

Scott Hammond

Mark Hutchinson

Senate Judiciary Committee E-mail Contact Information
(Block copy and paste e-mail for committee members),,,,,,

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