MASSACHUSETTS: Committee hearing set for S969; Please OPPOSE this bill!

Earlier this year, Senator Michael Rush, with the full support of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Representative Carlo Basile, presented a petition (accompanied by Senate Bill 969) to the Massachusetts legislature “relative to dangerous dogs in cities and towns.”

According to this poorly drafted bill, a city or town could deem specific breeds of dogs dangerous through analysis of data, and by a majority vote of officials at city council, special or annual town meetings (whichever is applicable by charter).

Put simply, S969 would reverse the provision of the new Massachusetts animal control law that not only prohibits municipalities from passing breed specific ordinances, but voided all existing breed specific laws in the state as of October 31, 2012.

This bill has been pending before the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government since January, and a hearing date has now been set for June 4, 2013.

MASSACHUSETTS RESIDENTS: Please contact the members of the Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, as well as the legislators for your district, and politely and respectfully ask them to OPPOSE S969.  This bill would allow cities and towns to enact ineffective breed-specific legislation, and would undo six years of comprehensive planning and study that led to the overhaul of the state’s animal control act, which only went into effect in October 2012, without giving that law an opportunity to prove itself effective.

Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government
(Block copy & paste e-mail for committee members),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You can find the legislators for your district here.

In addition, all Massachusetts state legislators can be reached at: 617-722-2000

Previous alerts for Massachusetts S969:


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