Nevada AB110 signed into law!!

On Friday, May 24, 2013, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed AB110 into law! This means that effective October 1, 2013, municipalities in Nevada are prohibited from passing breed specific ordinances!

In February, Assemblyman James Ohrenschall introduced Assembly Bill 110 which revises the provisions related to the criteria and procedures for determining whether a dog is dangerous or vicious, specifically stating that a dog may not be determined dangerous based solely on its breed.

Although the bill got off to a bit of a rocky start when the various groups involved were not in agreement on some of the other provisions in the bill, once passing that initial hurdle, it sailed through the legislature.

After two years of hard work and dedication by many animal welfare organizations and individuals, Governor Sandoval signed the bill the very same day it hit his desk.

Congratulations Nevada!


14 responses to “Nevada AB110 signed into law!!

  1. Paula Beattie

    Way to go,Nevada!A victory for the Pitties.Lets hope other states follow suit:)

  2. Thank you so much, Governor Sandoval.

  3. Well that is fantastic news. My sweet girl and I thank you for showing common sense. As I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, these dogs are very well mannered and loving, and the only breed that is dangerous in my opinion, is the HUMAN. The pitbull is an excellent dog, that doesn’t have a mean bone in their body. It’s only select human ‘s that make these dog’s, do things they don’t want to do. Maybe we should ban and jail the people who torture these angels.That should be the next law, to really punish the people who punish this dog for no good reason but sport and money.

  4. It is about time…Hurray for Governor Sandaval! Many Thanks!

  5. As a Pit Bull Advocate/owner of a pit bull mix which i adopted from an Arizona shelter in January? I am both Thankful for Governor Sandoval’s success in passing and singing this Breedism barrier into law in the state of Nevada AB110!!
    But i am even more grateful for the Precedence which this will set!! or the doors that will be opened once again for the Breed as a whole..
    This is a perfect way to deal with BSL!! BAN IT!!” which needs to become a model for the nation now”.. Because this prejudicial pack of lies must be abolished innocent dogs are being slaughtered simply because of fear garnered from ignorance of the breed and media propaganda based on Stereotyping which is actually based on conjecture and speculation and nothing more…

    Mike Collins animal advocate/pittie parent

    • Thank you Governor Sandoval. I have great respect for you, just when I thought that I had lost all hope for those of you that are suppose to be working for the people. A plus job.. God bless you and yours..

    • I agree with Mike and hope that doors WILL be opened. We also have a pit bull mix and she’s a sweetheart. We’re here in Ontario where there’s a complete and TOTAL ban!!!!!! Unbeivable!! And sad for Ontario!

  6. Wonderful!! All states need to implement this bill to protect the so-called “bully-breeds”; especially those who are so opposed and discriminating against them. There will always be some who will not comply and they are the “Bullies”!!
    Thank you, sir!!

  7. Linda Pedersen

    Hurrah well done now we just need to get that kind of law in other countries that have the stupid law banning some dogs. Well done


  9. This is great. I wish the md. State legislatore would take notice & follow your lead. Maybe Gov. Sandoval could pass on some of his wisdom to Gov. O’Malley.

  10. This is awesome. About damn time they judge the dog, not the breed. Now if only the other 49 states would follow.


  12. Despite having a criminal for our senior senator, our local representatives are, for the most part, pretty good, sensible people who have the wishes of their constituents at heart.

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