Connecticut poised to be the next state to prohibit BSL!

Connecticut is poised to be the next state that prohibits breed specific legislation!

Connecticut cities and towns would be barred from regulating specific breeds of dogs under a bill that is headed to Governor Dannel Malloy’s desk.  The state Senate voted 30-4 yesterday in favor of HB6311 which will forbid the adoption of breed discriminatory dog ordinances.

HB6311 was introduced by Representative Diane Urbin in February, and the bill easily passed through both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly. 

Once signed by Governor Malloy, the bill would take effect on October 1, 2013, and its passage means that in drafting animal control ordinances, cities will have to tackle the root cause of dangerous dogs – irresponsible dog owners – rather than pass a blanket law that regulates all members of a specific breed and punishes responsible dog owners.

CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS:  Please reach out to Governor Malloy and encourage him to sign HB6311 and make Connecticut the next state in the country that has taken a step in the right direction to prohibit breed specific legislation!

E: mail contact form for Governor Malloy can be found here.


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