Norwalk, Ohio may repeal BSL!

At last Tuesday’s city council meeting, the Norwalk, Ohio law director, Stuart O’Hara, informed the city council that the state removed the breed specific provision for classifying vicious dogs. The change actually went into effect last year, and under Ohio state law, “pit bulls” are no long deemed vicious and, instead, all dogs are judged on their behavior and actions, regardless of breed.

Mr. O’Hara advised the council that the state law adequately addressed the needs of Norwalk and, as a result, the city is considering repeal of their current breed specific ordinance.

Norwalk residents, please reach out to your city officials and let them know you support the move to repeal the city’s breed specific ordinance, and encourage them to move forward with a breed-neutral ordinance like so many cities in Ohio have done and found success with.


One response to “Norwalk, Ohio may repeal BSL!

  1. Wish Maryland would do the same

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