AU: Kerser granted last minute death row reprieve

Jade Applebee and her attorneys have made a list ditch legal effort to save Kerser from execution.

Kerser was seized in December after he escaped from his yard, and City of Monash council officers judged him to be an American pit bull terrier, a restricted breed under Victorian law.  An appeal to the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the breed determination decision of the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal was rejected last week.

In the most simple of terms, Kerser, a dog who has done nothing wrong and has never posed a threat to anyone, was given a death sentence because he looks like a “pit bull.”

Kerser was scheduled to be destroyed yesterday.  However, just hours before he was due to be put down, Ms. Applebee’s lawyers lodged one final appeal, granting Kerser a death row reprieve, and Ms. Applebee more time to fight her cause.

Kerser will be kept at the RSPCA and, unless Ms. Applebee’s legal team can prove that an Associate Justice made a mistake in rejecting her bid for a Supreme Court hearing, he will be killed next Thursday.

Obviously, there is little we can do while we wait for news on the appeal, but an on-line petition asking that Kerser be saved from euthanasia is circulating and, to date, has almost 35,000 signatures.  Please sign and share the petition, and please keep Kerser and Ms. Applebee in your thoughts and prayers.

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