Rhode Island: Senate committee hearing on HB5671 tomorrow!

HB 5671 passed in the Rhode Island House of Representatives last week by a vote of 59-9.  This bill will prevent cities and town from implementing rules, regulations or ordinances relating to specific breeds of dogs (and cats).

HB 5671 is now in the Senate and has been assigned to the Committee on Environment and Agriculture. A hearing is set before the committee tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2, 2013. Hearings begin at 4:00 p.m. in Room 211 of the State House.

RHODE ISLAND RESIDENTS: Please reach out to the members of the Environment and Agriculture Committee, as well as the Senators for your district, and ask them to support HB 5671. Let them know that laws that target dogs based on their appearance rather than their behavior creates communities that are more vulnerable to dangerous dogs, not less. The passage of HB 5671 would mean cities and counties, in drafting animal control ordinances, would have to tackle the root cause of dangerous dogs, irresponsible and reckless dog owners, rather than pass a blanket law that regulates all members of specific breeds.

You may also want to let your legislators know that both Connecticut and Nevada passed similar laws during the 2013 legislative session. Encourage them to join the growing number of law makers who understand that problem dogs are the result of problem dog owners, and in acknowledging this, have passed laws that will address the root of the problem.

The Rhode Island legislative sessions ends very soon, and we must get this bill through committee and to the full Senate floor for a vote as soon as possible. Please don’t delay…contact your state officials TODAY!

Committee on Environment and Agriculture
(Block copy and paste e-mail)

sen-archambault@rilin.state.ri.us,sen-bates@rilin.state.ri.us,sen-conley@rilin.state.ri.us, sen-coolrumsey@rilin.state.ri.us,sen-goldin@rilin.state.ri.us,sen-goodwin@rilin.state.ri.us,

Committee Clerk: Nancy Sullivan

To find the Senators for your district, click here.


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