Annapolis, MO overturns pit bull ban!

A family in Annapolis, Missouri gets to keep their dog as the result of the town overturning its ban on certain breeds.

This issue was brought to our attention back in February when FOX2 News out of St. Louis reported on whether or not people could properly identify dog breeds.  Reporter Chris Hayes found that most people could not accurately identify breeds, and more than 70% failed the visual identification test posted by Fox 2.

Patches, the dog at the heart of the story, was found as a stray by 15-year-old Bayle Sutton.  He followed her home one day, and her family took the playful, loving puppy in.  But the Tucker family was soon ticketed by police because Patches was considered a “public threat” by the city of Annapolis.  At that time, they were ordered to give Patches up, and given 5 days to get him out of the city limits.

The Tuckers, however, considered Patches to be part of their family, and they were prepared to fight for him in court on February 27, 2013.  FOX2 reporter Chris Hayes bought a DNA test kit to help with the court battle, and the Judge postponed the court hearing in order to allow time for the DNA test results to become available.

When the DNA test came back, the results revealed that Patches was half American staffordshire terrier, one-quarter boxer, and one-quarter cocker spaniel.  The test results did not save Patches from Annapolis` pit bull ban because the law specifically referred to American staffordshire terriers.

Despite the results, the family vowed to fight for their beloved companion, and Annapolis residents sided with Bayle and Patches.

Instead of simply demanding that Patches be moved outside the city limits, town leaders listened to those whom they represent.  The town reviewed the pit bull ordinance and, after discussions, city officials overturned the ban.

It’s wonderful to see a story have a happy ending all around.  The family gets to keep their beloved companion, and the town of Annapolis gets a law that is fair and will enhance the safety and welfare of ALL the members of the community.

And finally, a very big hats Chris Hayes with FOX2.  He is doing an incredible job raising awareness of the problems associated with breed discriminatory laws and educating people on these incredible dogs.  We’ve been looking for a voice in the media, and we have certainly found that in Chris.


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