Westwego, LA: Councilman withdraws strict pit bull proposal

Westwego, Louisiana city councilman Glenn Green withdrew his proposed pit bull ordinance after realizing the proposal had no support among his fellow city council members.  Green withdrew his controversial proposal on Monday, July 8, 2013, but continued to defend it, insisting that pit bull owners misunderstood his intent.

If you recall, when the proposal was originally made, Westwego’s mayor advised the city would wait to vote on the ordinance until July, after the new council members were elected.  However, the newly seated council members immediately came out against the proposal.

At Monday’s council meeting, only one resident spoke somewhat favorably of Green’s proposal, but said the city should better enforce its existing pit bull law. Six current and former pit bull owners spoke against the restrictions, many crying foul that they’re being held responsible for the actions of irresponsible owners.

Resident Rick Massarini called Green’s proposal “a knee-jerk decision based on the action of ‘reckless owners.'” He went on to say, “When your own dog attacks you, you’re doing something wrong,  It’s not the dog. It’s not the breed. It’s how it’s treated.”

This issue could come up at a later date, but with no support from the public or city officials, its not likely, and Green says he will not be the one to push for it.


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