ACTION ALERT: Waterloo, Iowa

As the result of a dog attack earlier this week, officials in Waterloo, Iowa are reaching out for policies, regulations and ordinances that restrict or ban the ownership of “pit bull breeds.”  The city has recently taken over animal control duties, and is using the recent isolated event to update the city’s code with breed specific provisions.

A work session with the mayor and city council has been set up for this Tuesday, September 3, and ideas and suggestions will be presented for the council’s consideration.

No formal action has been proposed at this time, however, it is extremely important that Waterloo residents reach out to their city officials NOW, before a breed specific ordinance is put on the table.  Encourage the mayor and council to use the opportunity to craft an ordinance that holds irresponsible dog owners to a higher accountability regardless of the breed of dog they own.  Encourage them to take the time to thoroughly review all the breed-neutral options available before making a reactionary decision to a specific incident.

Its also important to provide strong breed-neutral ordinances for their consideration, as well as information that will help them make an informed decision.  We suggest using the NAIA’s Guide to Constructing Successful Pet Friendly Ordinances or the CDC’s Community Guide to Dog Bite Prevention.

Please encourage the Waterloo officials to pass a law that targets reckless and irresponsible dog owners which will result in a safer environment for the entire community – people and animals alike.

After Tuesday’s meeting, we should have a better idea as to what direction the city will take, and if any further action is needed to address the situation.


2 responses to “ACTION ALERT: Waterloo, Iowa

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    More BSL in action. If you don’t think this can happen in your community…think again.

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    Please read this.

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