Camanche, Iowa says “NO!” to BSL

We learned earlier this month that officials in Camanche, Iowa discussed the idea of banning or regulating pit bulls in the city limits.  City Attorney Thomas Lonergan originally brought up the issue at the August 6, 2013 city council meeting and, at that time, he asked the council to consider an adjustment to the current ordinance that would “grandfather in a rule banning pit bulls.”

The proposal received mixed reviews from the council members.  Some spoke out against a breed specific ordinance, others suggested the current vicious dog ordinance could be strengthened and stricter punishments doled out for irresponsible dog owners.  Mr. Lonergan didn’t ask the council to act at the September 3, 2013 meeting, but he strongly urged council members to ban pit bulls.

I spoke with the Camanche city clerk this morning, and at their September 17, 2013 meeting, the city council expressed no interest in moving toward a breed specific ordinance, and the proposal was tabled.  Instead, the city is going to strengthen its current ordinance and the penalties for violations of the same.

In addition, if you recall, Mr. Lonergan specifically mentioned that the city of Clinton, Iowa was considering an ordinance targeting “pit bulls.”  However, during his discussions with the Clinton city attorney, he learned that Clinton was not moving toward a breed specific ordinance either.

Great job by Camanche officials for recognizing that problem dogs are the result of problem dog owners, and in order to combat animal control issues, they must focus on irresponsible and reckless dog owners rather than specific breeds of dogs.

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2 responses to “Camanche, Iowa says “NO!” to BSL

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    Hats off to the city council for doing the right thing. Hope the rest of the country and the world learn from this example.

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