Dardanelle, AR: Second reading of pit bull ordinance passed

City officials in Dardanelle, Arkansas passed the second reading of an ordinance that would ban “pit bull breeds” in the city limits at their meeting on October 7, 2013.

Three readings are required in order for the proposal to become law.  The third (and FINAL) reading will be held on November 4, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

The ban is being proposed because, according to the Dardanelle police chief, law enforcement has “increasingly seen vicious dogs, especially pit bulls, in drug houses, making the job of his officers more difficult.” 

In short, rather than target the root of the problem, the city is attempting to control the criminal element by targeting and punishing all owners of a specific breed of dog – the good and the bad.

Scott Moore, the chair of the Code Enforcement Committee, which referred the ordinance to the full council, said since the city of Russellville banned pit bulls in 2006, pit bull owners have come across the river to Dardanelle.  He went on to advise that a ban was necessary because people are chaining pit bulls too close to the sidewalk, and the dogs are “growling and barking” people.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to breed specific legislation to the Dardanelle city officials, as well as viable alternatives and suggestions for their consideration. We recommend providing a copy of the NAIA publication, “A Guide to Constructing Successful, Pet Friendly ordinances.” The guide has some excellent points that would help strengthen and improve the city’s current ordinance.

Please encourage city officials to considering crafting alternatives to target specific tethering criteria and/or anti-tethering provisions that will (1) enhance community safety and (2) not group all dog owners together, thus forcing responsible dog owners to give up their family companions.

Talking points and alternatives to breed specific legislation can be found here.

Mayor Carolyn McGee

City Council (block copy & paste e-mail)
kenneth311@centurytel.net, bmcconnell@suddenlink.net, juliataylor@suddenlink.net,scottmoore.ycso@gmail.com,
juntay@hotmail.com, lindat193@gmail.com

**It appears that at least one of the city council member’s e-mails is bouncing, so you may prefer to send your letters to the city clerk with a polite request to forward on to the mayor and each council member: cityclerk@dardanelle.com

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3 responses to “Dardanelle, AR: Second reading of pit bull ordinance passed

  1. By enforcing a ban on a specific breed of dog, you are not detouring what some law enforcers are describing as “increasingly vicious dogs, especially pit bulls, in drug houses, making the job of officers more difficult.” Instead, what you are doing is giving all of them, a majority of which are wonderful dogs a death sentence that they do not deserve. It is your responsibility to stand up against such ignorance. Most of the dogs that you would be killing by having this ban are the ones that are in loving homes and are sweet loving companion animals. Please be their voice and dont sentence them to a death that they dont deserve. Banning a breed just opens it up to have every breed eventually seen in a bad light. Ban pit-bulls today and you will see in increase of another breed getting into the wrong hands and being made to look like all of that type of dog is evil. Any dog that gets in the wrong hands will be at risk of being vicious. Dont punish the majority of innocent loving animals for the very few aggressive ones. Punish the people that own and treat dogs so horribly that it then produces an aggressive dog.it is NOT THE BREED THAT SHOULD BE BANNED. IT IS THE TREATMENT OF THESE DOGS BY BAD PEOPLE THAT NEEDS TO BE BANNED. Have tougher animal cruelty, dog fighting and animal neglect laws. THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED!

  2. When do they ever learn? Don’t they realize that if they ban these dogs, that the criminals will just find another breed. It;s not like the criminals listen to the law…duh! So, if you ban them, all you’re doing is shifting the problem to those that are animals that are LOVED and cared for. Remove the police chief, because he’s an IDIOT. They tried this in many other countries, and all they did was cause a MAJOR problem for themselves. It’s like saying let’s kill off the good people to prevent people from becoming criminals. It won’t work! If they want to stop the criminals from using these types of animals, DON’T ALLOW THE CRIMINALS OUT! It’s not the dogs, it’s the criminals. Would you kill a child because he/she ‘could’ grow up to be a criminal? That’s what they are doing, when they get rid of dogs like these. If the police think the dog is the problem, the police need tpo become properly EDUCATED, because they clearly are not. Their stupidity is showing through.

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