Dardanelle, AR: Third (and possibly FINAL) vote on pit bull ordinance 11/4/13

City officials in Dardanelle, Arkansas passed the second reading of an ordinance that would ban “pit bull breeds” in the city limits at their meeting on October 7, 2013.

Three readings are required in order for the proposal to become law.  The third (and possibly FINAL) reading will be held on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at city hall.

The ban is being proposed because, according to the Dardanelle police chief, law enforcement has “increasingly seen vicious dogs, especially pit bulls, in drug houses, making the job of his officers more difficult.”  In short, rather than target the root of the problem, the city is attempting to control the criminal element by targeting and punishing all owners of a specific breed of dog – not just the reckless and negligent, but the good, responsible owners, as well.

It is imperative that as many people as possible attend tomorrow’s meeting to show their support for those who have been fighting this ordinance extremely hard.

Previous posts on Dardanelle, Arkansas with contact information for city officials are found below:



6 responses to “Dardanelle, AR: Third (and possibly FINAL) vote on pit bull ordinance 11/4/13

  1. Debbie Chronister

    A real Pit Bull Dog is very loving just like any other dog. Keep in mind it is THE TRAINER (of any dog or animal) NOT THE ANIMAL’S FAULT. Please DO NOT JUDGE THE ANIMAL but enforce the law regarding the drug dealers. The Drug Dealers are your REAL PROBLEM you seem to be overlooking because that would be easier for you.

  2. Debbie Chronister

    Pit Bull Dogs are NOT THE PROBLEM. Drug users are only using Pit Bull Dogs that have already been trained to be mean and vicious. The same could be of many larger dogs. At the same time most people are naturally afraid of ANY PIT BULL DOG from past experiences with incorrectly trained dogs. If you read enough of the real truth, you will ALWAYS FIND —IT IS THE TRAINER, NOT THE DOG that needs to be blamed. This kind of mentality is the same from many years ago when people only BLAMED CERTAIN RACES or RELIGIONS or NATIONALITIES for any problem. I had hoped Arkansas had come into the modern times like most of the rest of the U.S. and realized you CANNOT CHOOSE ONLY A CERTAIN BREED of DOG to lay blame on because YOUR SO-CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT CONTINUES TO BE AFRAID OF THE DRUG DEALERS. You are using the Pit Bull Dogs as a scape goat making the accusations VERY UNFAIR. Please take the time to read real and true information on PIT BULL DOGS and their real behavior BEFORE MAKING ANY DECISIONS.

  3. again blame the dog for the idiots….cops do your jobs and get rid of the criminals that are training the dogs to try and make your job harder….for the thousandth time …punish those who abuse these dogs….the dogs are only trying to please the hand that feeds them….Wake up people!!!!!!

  4. This is the lazy legislator’s law of choice. Go after the drugs, you morons. Go after poverty in your area, why don’t you?
    A pit bull is like any other dog–it wants to please, and will protect its human. The dog doesn’t understand drug laws, police uniforms, or society’s rules about either.
    Humans are the ones who train dogs to be attackers, who mutilate, torture, and breed them to death. Given all that it is a wonder the dogs don’t pass a no-human law!


  6. How can you ban an entire breed for the bad acts of certain types people..very unfair to the responsible owner of the bully breed..and just what guidelines do you use to determine what a bull breed is???because most cannot pick out a pitt from a line up of similiar dogs..

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