Ringsted, Iowa: Third reading of pit bull ordinance on 11/11; Public input requested

The city of Ringsted, Iowa is in the process of updating and amending their animal control ordinance.  One of the proposed amendments would ban certain breeds of dogs from the city limits.  Those breeds include “pit bulls and any breeds which contain pit bull genetic traits.”

In a letter to the editor in the local newspaper, the city council asked residents for their input on the ordinance, which will have its third reading on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. 

The open letter states that some residents have approached the council with their opposition to the breed specific proposal.  It goes on to advise that the city clerk and members of the council have done research about “attacks by these types of dogs in other cities around the country, ” and their research is available at City Hall for review by any Ringsted citizen.

As noted above, the council will hold a third reading of the ordinance this Monday.  If you have an opinion regarding the passage of this ordinance, it is extremely important to let the council know immediately.  The council members firmly believe they have been elected to their positions in order to represent the majority of Ringsted citizens, and in order to properly represent citizens, it is important to know where they stand on any given issue.

If you live in or around Ringsted, please take a moment to make a phone call, send an e-mail or make a personal visit to City Hall to let them know your feelings about this issue.  The council wants you to know that your opinion does matter. 

Residents can e-mail their input to City Hall at ctyhall@ringtelco.com or via fax at 712-866-2877.

It’s not very often that elected officials acknowledge their duty to their constituents and take it upon themselves to reach out to the public for their input, so please take this opportunity to make your voice heard.  As always, please be polite and respectful in all your communications with officials.


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