Flint, MI: Councilman to remove “pit bulls” from proposal

After meeting with attorney Richard Angelo, Jr. earlier this week, Flint City Councilman Sheldon Neeley says he is removing the breed specific language from his proposed ordinance.   He advised the revised ordinance will speak to damages caused by any animal, and instead of limiting the law to specific breeds, any animal owner would be criminally liable.

Under Neeley’s initial proposal, all pit bull owners would  have been required to register their dogs with the police. The penalty for not registering a pit bull included confiscating the animal and fining the owner.   In addition, owners were to be criminally charged and fined $500 and face up to 90 days in jail if the pit bull attacks someone.

Neely advised he hopes to bring the new compromise proposal to the Flint City Council in December.

Attorney Richard Angelo, who represents rescue groups and shelters across the state, attended the meeting on behalf of Bruised but not Broken Canine Rescue, and advised that Councilman Neely was knowledgeable on the issue, willing to listen to alternatives, and wanted to reach a rational and reasonable solution.

Last week, over two dozen dog owners and their supporters took part in a pit bull awareness march at city hall to illustrate their opposition to Neely’s proposal.  The group hoped to encourage city officials to steer clear of breed specific legislation and focus on irresponsible dog owners.

This turn of events in Flint is a great example of a grass roots effort to achieve positive change.  Outstanding job by all the advocates who played a part in this win for responsible dog owners in Flint, Michigan.  You are role models for what can be accomplished when all parties are willing to sit down and work together toward a common goal.

This is how you get it done!

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