Basehor, Kansas REPEALS their breed specific ordinance!

The chief of police for Basehor, Kansas presented a new vicious dog ordinance to the City Council on Monday, November 18, 2013.  Chief Martley felt the current ordinance needed to be amended because it was outdated and difficult to enforce.

Ordinance No. 416, enacted in September 2003, declares any “pit bull,” Rottweiler, wolf-hybrid or mix thereof, as vicious, and in order to keep their pets, owners of any of these animals were required to meet a sundry of regulations.

Chief Martley explained to the council that when his officers have responded to vicious animal calls in the past, they found that there was simply no way to enforce the current rules which consisted of six pages of requirements and procedures for owning and maintaining dogs deemed to be “vicious animals.”

He also acknowledged that any animal can be vicious under the right circumstances, and that citizens need to be responsible with their animals regardless of what breed or type of animal they have.

In addition, Chief Martley expressed a desire to create a community that was friendly to both people and their pets, and the current restrictions hindered, rather than encouraged, growth of the town.

The new ordinance was passed unanimously by the city council and has four requirements for dogs deemed vicious or dangerous by their actions or behavior:

(1) Leash: dogs are not permitted to outside their kennels or pens unless securely leashed with a leash no longer than four feet.

(2) Confinement: dogs have to be securely confined indoors or in a securely enclosed or locked pen or kennel.

(3) Signs: all owners of dogs within the city have to place a “Beware of Dog” sign clearly on their property

(4) Registration: all owners of dogs within the city must register the dogs with the police clerk.

The clerk at the Basehor Police Department confirmed the ordinance will take effect and be in force after its publication in the Basehor Sentinel newspaper.

Thank you, Chief Martley, for presenting this common-sense proposal for the city’s consideration.  This is a huge step in creating a community that is safe and friendly for all – people and animals alike!

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