Ringsted, Iowa says “NO!” to proposed pit bull ban

City officials in Ringsted, Iowa voted down, on its third and final reading, an ordinance to ban pit bulls on Monday, November 11, 2013.

We learned earlier this month that the city of Ringsted was in the process of updating and amending their animal control ordinance.  One of the proposed amendments would have banned pit bulls and “any breeds which contain pit bull genetic traits” from the city limits.

After the second vote on the ordinance passed, an open letter to the editor was published in the local paper, wherein the city council asked residents for their input specifically on the third reading of the breed specific provision at the upcoming meeting.

Several residents spoke against the ban at the council meeting on November 11, and they offered solutions to the council which included enforcing the leash law and other animal control laws already on the books. In doing so, they emphasized that everyone wanted the same thing…to keep the residents of Ringsted safe.

Residents also stressed that the proposed ordinance did not address irresponsible owners, and promoted discrimination within the community.

A petition containing 85 signatures of residents opposed to the ordinance was presented to the council, not bad for a town of less than 430 people.

During the meeting, one of the counselors acknowledged that the feedback and information he received from residents at the council meetings was extremely informative and convinced him that breed specific legislation was not an avenue he wanted to pursue for the city.  Another noted that no other issue had garnered so much public opinion and input.  Even the councilors who supported the breed specific ordinance admitted the responsibility ultimately falls back on individual citizens.

In the end, Councilmen Anderson moved to pass the motion, and Kruse seconded, while Counselors Lowery, Hansen and Bridges-White voted against. 

With a vote of 3-2, the motion failed.

Way to go Ringsted residents for getting actively involved and making your voices heard.  You spoke with reason and logic, and your city officials listened!

Very nice win!

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