Springdale, AR indefinitely postpones discussions on pit bull regulations

At their last city council meeting, officials in Springdale, Arkansas indefinitely postponed discussions on potential pit bull restrictions.  Alderman Mike Overton brought the suggestion of a breed ban to the council after his dog was attacked by what he believed to be a “pit bull.” 

Prior to the council meeting, Mayor Doug Sprouse made it clear that the discussions to take place at the meeting were far from a formal proposal, and that it was very important to keep the public informed and get their input prior to any proposed ordinance being put forward.  He also acknowledged that breed specific ordinances were difficult to enforce, and that he believed the city would be unable to enforce a “pit bull” ban or other restrictions. 

Ultimately, Councilman Overton admitted he knew a ban on pit bulls would not have successfully passed through the council, and that he brought the discussion to the table in the hope of addressing the city’s animal control ordinances and come up with stringent requirements for people who choose to have dangerous dogs regardless of breed.  Never mind the damage the mere suggestion of a breed specific proposal adds to the stigma of the city’s current pit bull owners, in addition to feeding the public’s fear and hysteria about their dogs. 

It seems one thing all the city officials agree upon is that Springdale has issues with animal control, and discussions on how to deal with those problems are needed.  We also know that Mayor Sprouse wants YOUR input when the time comes. 

In that respect, this is an excellent opportunity for Springdale residents to work with their city officials in crafting a comprehensive animal control ordinance that addresses the root of the city’s problems…irresponsible, careless and negligent dog owners.   So keep an eye on upcoming council agendas, and reach out to your officials and let them know this is an issue that’s important to you, and you’d like to take part in creating a community that is safe for ALL its members – people and animals.  


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