HB 2794 would prohibit insurance discrimination in West Virginia

House Bill 2794, proposed by Delegate Doug Reynolds, would prohibit insurance companies from declining or terminating property insurance based solely upon a homeowner’s possession of a certain breed of dog. 

HB2794 was introduced in March 2013, and once assigned to a committee, never really gained any traction.  The bill was reintroduced on January 9, 2014, and its really important that we encourage the committee members to move this bill forward in the 2014 legislation session. 

HB 2794 would amend Article 17 of the West Virginia Code, which relates to property insurance declination, termination and disclosure, as follows: 

§33-17A-6. Discriminatory terminations and declinations prohibited.

     No insurer may decline to issue or terminate a policy of insurance subject to this article if the declination or termination is:

(i) Based upon the sole fact that the applicant has a certain breed of dog.  

HB 2794 has been assigned to the House Banking and Insurance Committee.

Please contact the members of the Banking and Insurance Committee and encourage them to support HB 2794 in order to prevent insurance companies from discriminating against homeowners with dogs of certain breeds, an action that creates undue hardship on responsible dog owners. Please also reach out to the legislators in your district and ask them to support the bill, as well.  

West Virginia residents can find their respective legislators here.

House Banking and Insurance Committee
(Block copy & past e-mail for committee members)


West Virginia residents, please support this bill and encourage your legislators to move it forward.

If you’re not comfortable writing your own letter, Best Friends has set up an action alert with talking points that will help you encourage your state representatives to support HB 2794.


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