Hot Springs Village, AR sends “gripper breeds” ordinance to counties for approval

The Hot Springs Village Property Board held a public hearing on January 23 to discuss adopting as their own, Garland County’s animal control law that targets “high risk breeds” which are sensationalized in the ordinance by referring to them as “gripper breeds.”

On February 5, the Board held a work session on the proposal, and on February 19, the Board approved the proposal and voted to send the ordinance request to Garland and Saline Counties.

As a reminder, Hot Springs Village is not a city or town. Rather, it is the largest gated community in the United States, and is governed by a Property Board.  The village is situated in both Garland and Saline Counties and, because of this, both counties must approve the ordinance.

Please reach out to the quorum courts of both Saline and Garland Counties and encourage them to vote “no” on the Hot Springs Village request to enact the breed specific ordinance. Considering the village “borrowed” the ordinance from Garland County, approval there seems very likely, but that presumed guarantee does not exist with respect to Saline County.

Nevertheless, let the officials of both counties know that concerns residents of Hot Springs Village already had about animal control were not addressed at the recent public hearing held by the Property Board. Moreover, residents questioned why the proposal does not address specific issues they felt were important to their community, but it does target breeds of dogs that don’t even live in the village, and includes other provisions that don’t relate to Hot Springs Village.  All of the above is evidenced in the video of the January 23 public hearing which is posted on the Property Board’s website and cited in our previous blog.

In addition, remind them of the problems created when Garland County enacted the very same ordinance less than 5 months ago. Those problems include financial strain on the county, as well as shelter overcrowding that has resulted in far too many adoptable animals being euthanized simply due to lack of space.

As always, please remember to be polite and respectful in all your communications with elected officials. Talking points and alternatives to breed specific legislation can be found here.

Saline County Quorum Court Members:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Garland County Quorum Courthouse:,,,,,,,,,,,,


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