Maryland legislator proposes bills to encourage shelter adoptions!

Maryland Delegate Glenn Glass has proposed a bill designed to offer incentives for people to adopt their new family members from animal shelters or rescues. Under House Bill 1358, people who adopt their next pet could get a one-time tax break for adopting a pet from a shelter or a rescue organization.

Delegate Glass says he’s concerned about all pets in shelters, but he’s especially hopeful that pit bulls might benefit if the tax-break legislation passes. Glass says ever since the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that pit bulls were “inherently dangerous,” the dogs’ adoptions chances were reduced.

He feels its very unfair to single the breed out, and like any shelter dog, pit bulls deserve good, loving families.

Delegate Glass came up with another tax incentive for very special pets and their owners. Under House Bill 1357, anyone who adopts a retired police K-9 would get a $1,000 dollar tax break to cover the cost of veterinary bills. That tax break would be good for the life of the dog.

Both bills are scheduled for committee hearings on March 4, 2014.

We definitely need more legislators like Glenn Glass who have loving hearts and open minds. Here’s hoping both his bills make it through the legislature easily!


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