South Dakota becomes the EIGHTEENTH state to prohibit BSL!

On March 14, 2014, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daaugard signed into law a bill that prohibits local governments from creating, maintaining, or enforcing breed-specific bans!  The measure does not prevent cities from enacting ordinances that apply to all animals, and it also recommends ways for cities to deal with vicious animals by addressing owners and individual animals.

The bill, SB 75 was introduced by Senator Dan Lederman, and quickly gained support in the legislature. Senator Lederman sponsored SB75 because he understands that dog bites are not a breed problem but, rather, are an owner problem.  Moreover, in a blog he posted about his bill, Senator Lederman states “this measure will take dog breed out of the equation, and instead of feel-good, knee jerk reactions, require [law makers] to look at real solutions for animal-human interaction safety.”

The governor’s signature on SB 75 makes South Dakota the EIGHTEENTH state to prohibit breed discriminatory laws and pushes lawmakers to focus on the root of the problem — irresponsible, careless and negligent owners who allow their dogs to become problems in their communities.

Way to go South Dakota!


2 responses to “South Dakota becomes the EIGHTEENTH state to prohibit BSL!

  1. Thanks for the post!

    • Oh no, thank YOU, Senator Lederman!! You didn’t just put your name on this bill, you backed it with your words and actions, and South Dakota residents are fortunate to have a legislator that stands up for what he believes in.

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