Residents of Randolph County, AR seeking pit bull ban

We learned, via a story run by KAIT8, that dozens of residents in Randolph County, Arkansas plan to attend the next Quorum Court meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2014, to ask county officials to consider enacting a ban on pit bulls.  The residents say their neighbors’ pit bulls have terrorized them for years and now, due to one family, they are hoping to ban the breed within the county.

The issue has been before the Quorum Court once already.

Residents say they can’t go for walks or enjoy their own yards because they are afraid of the dogs that are continually running loose.  They believe the dogs belonging to the neighbor could be responsible for killing several chickens in the area and might be behind the death of a neighborhood dog in early March.  The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department warned residents of the incident out of concern of other pets and small children in the area.

While its easy to understand the frustration of the community members who say they have tried their best to abide by the law and give the irresponsible family an opportunity to keep their dogs contained, it certainly is not reasonable to seek an ordinance that would affect numerous responsible families due to the habitual irresponsibility of one.

If you are in or around Randolph County, please try to attend Thursday’s meeting and encourage county officials to focus their efforts on the family at the root of the problem rather than pass a discriminatory law that would affect many responsible, law abiding dog owners.

Thursday’s Quorum Court  meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.



One response to “Residents of Randolph County, AR seeking pit bull ban

  1. Really ? If there is a known problem. Law enforcement needs to get off their behinds. Leave other owners of digs alone.

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