Randolph County, AR shoots down possibility of pit bull ordinance

Dozens of Randolph County residents showed up at Thursday night’s quorum court meeting, many of them addressing county officials, expressing their concerns over a local woman’s attempt to ban pit bulls in the county and explaining the problems associated with breed specific laws.

Not long into the public comments, Judge David Jansen explained that the issue had been blown out of proportion.  If you recall, a previous news report by KAIT8 indicated that dozens of residents would be attending the meeting in SUPPORT of a pit bull ban.

In light of the many breed specific ordinances that have been passed in Arkansas within the last six months, I’m extremely proud of the residents of Randolph County who came out in force to ensure their officials know exactly where they stand on laws that discriminate against specific breeds of dogs.

Judge Jansen went on to advise those in attendance that the members of the quorum court have no intention of pursuing a breed specific law.

The officials did, however, vote to establish a five person committee to draft a vicious dog ordinance. That committee will consist of two Justices of the Peace, two Randolph County citizens, and Sheriff Gary Tribble.

Many thanks to all those who heeded our call to action and made their voices heard at the meeting last night. Not only did county officials shoot down any possibility of moving forward with a breed specific ordinance, but they are now drafting an ordinance that will enhance the safety and welfare of all members of Randolph County by addressing irresponsible dog owners and dogs that actually pose a threat to the community based on their actions and behaviors, instead of a law that deems dogs dangerous due to their breed or appearance.

I’m disappointed the latest report by KAIT8 didn’t advise whether county officials addressed the dog owner at the root of the complaints that led to this issue coming before the quorum court, but I am hopeful the forthcoming ordinance will resolve the problems caused by that habitually irresponsible owner.


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