Talks on repeal turn to talks on MORE regulation in El Dorado, Kansas

Somehow I don’t think this is what residents had in mind when discussions regarding repealing the city’s twenty-six year old pit bull ban came up in El Dorado, Kansas earlier this year.

As a reminder, I was contacted by a resident of El Dorado, Kansas in February with news that her city commissioners had agreed to entertain discussions on repealing the city’s pit bull ban.

The ordinance, Title 6 § 20.040, which was enacted in 1988, states as follows:

It is unlawful to keep, harbor, own or in any way possess within the corporate limits of the city any pit bull dog as defined by administrative regulation; provided that pit bull dogs properly registered with the city by March 1, 1988, and kept within the city continuously since that time, may remain within the city subject to the requirements set forth in Section 6.20.060 of this chapter.

When I spoke with the City Manager’s assistant in February, she confirmed that  commissioners agreed to take up the issue and set a date for holding a work session which would be geared toward collecting, distributing and discussing information that would help the commissioners conduct their due diligence on the matter.

In a news report today, however, we learned that the city commission has tabled discussions on repealing the ban on pit bulls and, instead,  have now started researching other breeds to be regulated.  In fact, the public works director indicated that up to 12 dog breeds are being researched, including Doberman Pinscher, chow, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and others.

Please reach out to the El Dorado city officials and encourage them to reinstate their discussions related to removing the breed specific language from their current ordinance. Let them know that a strongly enforced breed-neutral ordinance that deems dogs dangerous based on their actions and behaviors and holds dog owners accountable for those actions is the best way to ensure the safety and welfare of all who reside in El Dorado, both people and animals.

As always, please keep your communications with city officials polite and respectful – the manner in which we conduct ourselves can and does make a difference.

City of El Dorado, Kansas City Commissioners:
Bill Young:
Chase Locke:
Nick Badwey:
David Chapin:

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