Nashville, TN: 38 dogs seized in dog fighting bust now in safe hands

Police rescued 38 dogs in north Nashville, Tennessee during a raid Tuesday morning amid allegations of dog fighting.  The dogs’ owner, Michael Davis, was arrested last week in connection to a large-scale drug trafficking bust, and the dogs, as well as evidence of dog fighting, were discovered at his home during the arrest.

Metro Animal Control officers found the dogs, mostly pit bulls, chained to trees in the woods behind Mr. Davis’ property (and the property of a neighbor). Many of the dogs had scars and open wounds, and they were examined by a veterinarian at the scene.  The dogs are now in the care of Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC), who is working closely with the humane society.

An investigation is ongoing, and charges in connection to the dog fighting operation are pending. Mr. Davis remains in jail in lieu of $250,000 bond on a felony drug charges.

Since the dogs are part of a criminal investigation, it will likely take some time for them to be made available for adoption through rescues.  In the meantime, the dogs are receiving medical care and lots of TLC from MACC staff.

According to Rebecca Morris of MACC, once the dogs are released from the court, the shelter will work with the Humane Society of the United States to have them professionally assessed, and then work with rescue partners to place them in homes.

As we all know, every dog is an individual, and each and every dog will be evaluated on his or her own merits – not by the circumstances they came to be in the care of MACC.

Fortunately, the public has been extremely generous in providing donated items to MACC to help care for all the dogs.  If you would like to make a donation, they suggest treats or bully sticks, durable toys such as Kongs (and peanut butter to put inside), towels blankets or quilts, and cleaning supplies such as paper towels, bleach, laundry detergent, etc.)

MACC is also seeking volunteers for the shelter on Harding Place because so much of the staff is working at a different location where the seized dogs are being held.

For more information or to volunteer, please e-mail

Most importantly, though, MACC needs rescue organizations ready and willing to accept dogs into their rescues and find them new homes.  Since the dogs will likely be held longer due to pending criminal charges and evaluations, MACC would like to start screening and accepting new rescue partners as soon as possible to have everything in place when the dogs are released by the court.

Rescues do not have to be located in Tennessee, but the dogs will only be released to pit bull rescues who are certified rescues partners with MACC.

Rescues can find a Certified MACC Partner application here.

I am told that although nervous about their new surroundings, the dogs just absolutely melt when given any human affection, and they appreciate every single second of attention they get.  These are good dogs who, by no fault of their own, ended up in an absolutely horrible situation.

If you are associated with a rescue that is in a position to help give one of these dogs a fresh start at a new life, please consider partnering with MACC.


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