Humphrey, AR passes ordinance targeting “pit bulls,” rottweilers and bull mastiffs

The city of Humphrey, Arkansas passed an ordinance to “regulate the keeping of pit bulls, rottweilers, bull mastiffs and other dogs which have been determined to be vicious” by their actions.

In other words, dogs that do not fall under the description of pit bull, rottweiler or bull mastiff actually have to act in a dangerous or vicious manner to be declared dangerous, while dogs belonging to the above three breeds are automatically deemed dangerous based solely on their breed or, in reality, their physical appearance and characteristics.

The ordinance states:

Whereas, the City Council of the City of Humphrey has determined that there are certain breeds of dogs in the City of Humphrey, which have caused great concern by the citizens because their breeds are vicious and have bitten some members of the population.

Whereas in order to protect the citizens of Humphrey, the City Council has determined that the following breeds shall be restrained. Those breeds are pit bulls, rottweiler, bull mastiffs, and any other dog, which has been determined by its previous actions to be vicious.

The ordinance included an “emergency clause,” declaring its immediate passage is necessary for the “protection of the public, peace, health and safety, and emergency.”  Its passage, under the guise of an emergency, means the ordinance went into full force and effect immediately upon its approval.

The Humphrey City Council voted unanimously to pass and approve this ordinance, and all citizens of Humphrey will be notified of its immediate implementation.

Humphrey residents, I would want to know if appropriate notice of this ordinance was given by the city.  In addition, I would make an immediate effort to get this issue back before the city council in order to allow citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns and opposition, and attempt to open an educated discussion that actually includes members of the community who will be directly affected by this ordinance.


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