Jacksonville, IL: Public Safety Committee meeting on “dangerous dogs” today

The members of the Jacksonville, Illinois city council’s Public Safety Committee will be meeting this afternoon to discuss “animal control/dangerous dogs.”  While the exact nature of those discussions is unknown, residents are concerned that the city is considering enacting some form of breed specific law.

In March, a presentation focusing predominantly on “pit bulls” was made by the animal control administrator of Morgan County to the Jacksonville city council.  During the presentation, the administrator asked city officials to impose new rules for keeping records on any dog exhibiting violent behavior, and he also requested “pit bulls and pit bull mixed breeds” automatically be subject to those regulations.

Two posts concerning that presentation can be found at the links below:



Illinois state law prohibits municipalities from passing breed specific ordinances, but Jacksonville is a “home rule” city, which means they can go this route should they choose to do so.

As noted above, we do not know what specifically the committee will be discussing, but Jacksonville and Morgan County residents are strongly encouraged to attend today’s Public Safety Committee meeting which begins at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers. 


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