League City, Texas NOT pursuing BSL

Officials in League City, Texas discussed potential changes to the city’s animal control ordinance at a work session on May 12, 2014. We learned in late April that the city planned to crack down on “dangerous dogs,” and at a previous work session, talked about introducing stiffer regulations for dogs declared dangerous.

However, one city councilman, Todd Kinsey, suggested tougher measures specifically for owners of pit bulls, expressing that he was “in favor of making it difficult for people who want to own pit bulls in our community.” He proposed restrictions that would include higher registration fees, extra security fences, and requiring owners of pit bulls to have special liability insurance.

Deb Streeter attended the May 12 workshop, and we thank her for providing the following update:

I attended the League City Council Workshop to discuss changes in their Animal Ordinance.

First and foremost, I’d like to clarify that ALL the proposed changes are NOT “Breed Specific” but are “Behavior Specific.” The proposed changes will only affect dogs that are deemed “dangerous”. There will be specific criteria and a court ruling for a dog to be deemed “dangerous”.

• Their main focus in making changes and updating their Animal Control Ordinance is to “Protect Citizens”

• The council will be clarifying the definition of “dangerous” in their current Animal Control Ordinance
Once a dog is deemed “dangerous” the following are some of the proposed requirements

• Implementing mandatory micro-chipping of any animal meeting the definition of dangerous, vicious or mischievous

• Require more thorough registration, including a up to date color photo

• Require sterilization of any animal deemed dangerous

• Require a “dangerous animal permit fee”

• Require any animal deemed dangerous to wear a fluorescent yellow collar visible at 50’

• IF an animal is already declared dangerous in another city they will NOT be allowed in the City limits

• 100K Liability insurance w/proof

The “committee” that is proposing the changes in the Animal Control Ordinance are League City Police Chief Kramm and Manager of LCAS Kim Sckoolcraft, both are big animal lovers.

After the meeting Chief Kramm followed me out the door to speak with me and others who attended the meeting. He wanted me to pass on that he was misquoted in the media previously. I, for one am glad that he stopped and spoke with me as I was not happy with him from the quotes that I had read in the paper. Being misquoted by the media is nothing new to me and not really a big surprise as I’m well aware of the media taking one word “Pit-Bull” and running with it negatively. I can assure you that after speaking with him for 20 minutes or so, he is a good man, he’s not breed prejudice and he has the public’s best interest at heart.


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