Many, Louisiana: Councilman proposes pit bull ban

Never let the facts get in the way of a sensational headline or news story… its a theme those who share their homes and hearts with dogs targeted by breed specific laws are all too familiar with.

According to a “news” report aired on KTAL6 on May 29, 2014, at the last city council meeting in Many, Louisiana, city councilman James Kennedy proposed pit bulls be banned in Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

I found this perplexing because I couldn’t understand how a city councilman was able to propose an ordinance for the entire parish, which has its own governing body, so I contacted the city clerk’s office for clarification.

The clerk was aware of Councilman Kennedy’s proposal, but advised it was related to the city of Many. She confirmed it wasn’t possible for a city councilman to propose an ordinance for consideration by the Sabine Parish police jury.

The clerk also advised there had been no incidents involving dogs of any kind in the city that she was aware of.

Moreover, the city recently passed a breed-neutral ordinance concerning vicious dogs.  That ordinance defines what a vicious dog is, and sets forth requirements owners must meet in order to keep a dog declared “vicious.”  The new ordinance has not yet gone into effect, but Many Mayor, Ken Freeman, believes once its enacted and actively enforced, it will address the issues Councilman Kennedy brought up at the city council meeting.

Finally, KTAL reported the issue would go before the city council at their next meeting on Tuesday, June 3.  This is also incorrect. The council meets on the first and third Mondays of the month, which means the council meets tonight.

The Town of Many has virtually no online presence. Accordingly, residents should politely and respectfully reach out to their elected officials to let them know they oppose breed specific legislation, and also encourage them to allow the new ordinance to take effect before making any modifications to it.

Those in and around Many are strongly encouraged to attend today’s city council meeting.


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