Windsor, Missouri votes to REPEAL pit bull ordinance!

At their meeting last night, the Windsor, Missouri city council voted 4-3 to REPEAL their existing pit bull ordinance in favor of drafting a new breed-neutral ordinance.

As we reported a few weeks ago, a public hearing was held on June 4 in order to gage the opinion of residents on the city’s pit bull ordinance which is believed to be one of the strictest in the country.  Among the residents who turned out and addressed the council, only one person spoke against repeal, and in doing so, basically recited line by line material gathered from  Those who spoke in favor of repeal made sound, educated and fact-based arguments which clearly made an impact on the city officials, in particular, the mayor, who was very engaged in the discussion and asked many questions.  This fact is important considering it was the mayor who cast the tie-breaking vote last night.

City officials will now begin working with the city attorney in drafting the new breed-neutral ordinance.  The town clerk advises the changes will be discussed at upcoming council meetings in order to allow resident input, as well as to keep residents updated as to the status of the changes.

It is very important to note that until the new ordinance is approved, the current ordinance is still in place and, according to the city clerk, “pit bulls are still illegal in Windsor.”

Sending our thanks and appreciation to all those who attended the meetings and made sound, educated presentations to the council and, of course, many thanks to the city officials who voted to end breed discrimination.

Way to go Windsor!!

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