“Adopt-a-Bull” Rebel

Rebel7.jpgRebel is what some people might call a “special needs” dog.  He is blind in both eyes.  While he is definitely special, despite his blindness, he is a perfectly normal dog in every other way.  In fact, I have been truly amazed by this little guy and how quickly he adapts to any situation and environment!

Prior to pulling Rebel from the shelter, I spoke with a lot of people experienced with blind dogs, and the one thing everyone stressed was not to treat him like he’s “disabled.”   In following this advice, I have learned that “disabled” is a state of mind, and Rebel’s mind doesn’t even entertain the thought.  He is a loving, happy, intelligent and active boy that, despite his blindness, can interact and participate in the same activities as a sighted dog.

Rebel loves attention and affection.  He is housebroken and knows basic commands. He is picky about his canine friends, and would do best as an only dog or with a submissive female.  He is very active and playful and loves to be outside…we’ve even gone hiking!

Rebel may be blind, but he has so much to offer!  Please consider adding this special little guy to your family.   To complete an adoption application, please click here.