BSL Hot Spots (week of 1/16/12)

BSL is on the table and on the agendas for many city councils this week. If you are in or around the cities talking BSL, please make every effort to attend these meetings. Even if you don’t live in an affected area, you can still help by sending your polite, respectful and informative opposition to officials, as well as viable alternatives and suggestions.

There are several issues that require your support, as well, so please take a moment to urge elected officials to move forward with breed-neutral ordinances/laws.

Lake Saint Louis, MO
Hanging on from our BSL Hot Spots post from November 14, the Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen are discussing changes to the city’s dangerous dog ordinance. Current city code states a dog’s breeds shall not be considered in determining whether a dog is dangerous. The police chief proposed the wording of the ordinance be changed to read “shall not be the only consideration.”

The Board of Aldermen meet on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at 200 Civic Center Drive, and this matter is on the agenda:

Bill No. 3213 – An ordinance amending the Municipal Code of the City of Lake Saint Louis, Title II: Public Health Safety and Welfare, Chapter 210: Animal Regulations, Article I. Domestic and Dangerous Animals, deleting Article I in its entirety and enacting a new Article I on the same subject.

Okolona, MS
Officials in Okolona, Mississippi are considering an ordinance that would target “dogs from the Staffordshire Terrier breed.” The city council meets Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall located at 215 W Main St
Alert for Okolona can be found here.

Tupelo, MS
The proposed breed specific ordinance that targets targets “pit bulls,” rottweilers and dobermans is not on the agenda for the scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, and the city clerk has confirmed the proposal is still in committee. Please take this opportunity to write to city officials with respect to your opposition to BSL, as well as your suggestions and alternatives.
Alert for Tupelo can be found here.

Chicago, IL
Chatter regarding the possibility of a breed specific proposal has calmed down significantly, and Alderman Robert Fioretti has made statements to backtrack his talk with respect to proposing a ban. However, residents are encouraged to attend the council meeting on January 18, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. in an effort to follow this matter. Council meetings can also be watched online.
Alert for Chicago can be found here.


The Edmonton, Alberta, Canada officials are considering repealing their breed-specific bylaw. The Community Services Committee will take up this matter on January 23, 2012. Please continue to write to the committee members and urge them to move forward with the repeal and enact a breed-neutral ordinance.
Alert for Edmonton can be found here.

State Bills that need your SUPPORT:

Ohio HB14
HB14 would, among other things, remove “pit bulls” from the definition of “vicious dog” in state law. The next step for this monumental Bill is the full Senate. Ohio residents, PLEASE write to your state legislators and urge them to pass HB14!
Ohio Senate contact information for HB14 can be found here.

Florida HB997 and SB322
Florida House Representative Carlos Trujillo and Senator Jim Norman filed HB997 and SB 322, respectively. These bills aim to repeal the portion of the Florida statute that allows Miami and Dade County to discriminate against dogs simply because of their appearance and perceived breed. Florida residents are strongly encouraged to support these bills and contact their legislators.
Contact information for Forida bills can be found here.

State matter that needs your OPPOSITION

New Mexico
Senator Sue Wilson-Beffort plans to introduce a bill that would declare pit bulls and pit bulls mixes as dangerous dogs in New Mexico. This bill will have to be proposed in the 30-day legislative session that begins January 17, 2012. These 30-day sessions are reserved for budget and tax issues, so for Beffort’s bill to be heard, the Governor has to put it on the agenda. New Mexico residents are strongly encouraged to write to Governor Susana Martinez and voice their opposition to this bill being placed on the upcoming agenda.
Contact Governor Martinez via an online form found at this link.


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