Its been a hectic (but successful) week!

We started off the week with our third Bark in the Park on Saturday.  It was a cold and dreary day, but that didn’t stop pet lovers from coming out!  Harlan and Brooklyn met a lot of people and showed them they pit bulls do not deserve the terrible reputation and hype that surrounds them. I love to see people interacting with bullys – and the dogs love meeting and snuggling with everyone! Bark in the Park 2009 053

We got lots of people to play “Find the Pit Bull”…even a couple of Algood police officers who quickly realized that identifying a “pit bull” isn’t as easy at it sounds!

We even got to hob-nob with state officials! Bark in the Park 2009 035State Representative Henry Fincher visited Bark in the Park and took a few pictures with his old buddy, Harlan. Personally, I think this should be Henry’s next campaign poster! 🙂

We always have a good time at Bark in the Park – getting to spend time with fellow animal advocates and talking with the public. This year was certainly no exception, and I can’t wait for Bark in the Park 2010!

TUESDAY it was off to Dandridge to attend the city council meeting and address the council on a proposed pit bull ban. The council had already passed two readings, and Tuesday’s vote would have sealed the deal. dandridgeI was absolutely thrilled when I arrived at the Public Works building in Dandridge to see so many concerned people already there ready to voice their opposition to BSL! We handed out stickers that read “no pit bull ban,” and it was amazing to see the news footage that panned the crowed and everyone was wearing a sticker!

Everyone who addressed the council was polite and respectful and offered suggestions and alternatives for their consideration. The council was very patient and allowed us well over an hour to voice our position. Not one single person in attendance was for breed specific legisation.

In the end, the council decided to take the proposed ordinance off the table to research an alternate ordinance that I provided. It is my understanding now that they are, in fact, going to adopt my ordinance! I commend the council for recognizing that animal control problems are a direct result of irresponsible dog owners–not the dogs themselves.

Click WBIR to read the article on Tuesday’s council meeting.

FINALLY, on Thursday afternoon Bless the Bullys welcomed Jake! Jake is one of the 500+ dogs seized in a dog fighting bust in Missouri over the summer. This was the biggest dog fighting bust in history. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to all the people working tirelessly in Missouri making it possible for these dogs to get a second chance. Oct2009 067

Jake is such an incredible creature! He is so gentle and sweet and just has the most incredible disposition. He was a favorite of many out in Missouri, and I can definitely see why. I have no doubt that Jake is going to make a very special family extremely happy!!


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