Springfield, TN targets pit bull owners AGAIN

We’ve got an interesting situation going on in Springfield, TN. The city council has decided to add a registration fee to its pit bull ordinance that went into effect in 2001. The fee would be retroactive, and “pit bull” owners in the city who have already complied with the rules, would now be subject to this additional registration fee.

Emily McFadden is taking the city to task on this. I spoke with Emily over the phone yesterday morning, and a brief public hearing will be held on this issue immediately before the next city council meeting. The proposal is expected to be up for a second vote at that council meeting.

The next city council meeting is Tuesday, October 18, and we need a really good showing of support for the pit bull owners in Springfield. Emily is also putting together a pre-meeting for individuals interested in opposing the proposal. I will provide further information when she updates me.

In the meantime, I am curious as to your thoughts on this situation. Its my belief, and it has been confirmed by attorneys I’ve spoken with, that a retroactive registration fee for an ordinance that’s been in effect for TEN years may not be legal. Curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on what the City of Springfield is doing….

2 responses to “Springfield, TN targets pit bull owners AGAIN

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  2. I don’t think I’m alone in saying this is getting really old. However, I know many of us remain committed to opposing and fighting breed specific legislation. Intersting that City Council has nothing better to do than try and gain funds from responsible dog owners. How about focusing on job creation, crime reduction and the betterment of your community rather than targeting law abiding individuals. Appears to me that City Council has been lackluster in those efforts, so once again they go after the always easily targeted pit bull owners.

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