Caddo Valley, AR considering pit bull ordinance

UPDATE:  According to the mayor’s administrative assistant, Lecie O’Neal, the Board of Aldermen passed the proposed pit bull ordinance at last night’s meeting.  The ordinance goes into effect immediately.  Ms. O’Neal advised residents can go to city hall to pick up a copy of the ordinance and register their dogs.  As noted in our earlier post, Caddo Valley doesn’t have an animal control officer, and their new ordinance will be “enforced” by the city’s general maintenance employee.


Caddo Valley, AR considering pit bull ordinance 

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After tabling an ordinance discussed in January’s City Council meeting, Caddo Valley aldermen are revisiting a proposed law that would place restrictions on ownership of “pit bulls and other breeds.”  The Aldermen are also reviewing the city’s existing ordinance dealing with at-large and nuisance dogs. That ordinance requires dog owners to keep their pets either in a confined, fenced-in area, inside or on a leash.

The ordinance targeting pit bulls is modeled after that of the City of Arkadelphia. If passed, owners of pit bulls would be required to pay an annual registration fee, have the dog microchipped and keep them confined to a secure pen, among other restrictions that also would require the owner to be at least 21 years old.

It should be noted that the city does not have animal control, rather, the city’s general maintenance employee is currently assigned the “dog-catching responsibilities.”

Please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to breed specific legislation to the city officials, as well as your suggestions and alternatives for their consideration. Encourage them to strictly enforce the existing ordinance to ensure the safety and well being of this community of less than 700 people. Point out the costs to tax payers associated with breed bans, as well as the difficulty in identifying a “pit bull.” Responsible ownership is key, and in a town of this size, educating the public on responsible dog ownership can be easily accomplished and would best serve all members of the community – people and animals alike.

Individual contact information for the alderman is not available, but you may send your correspondence to them via administrative assistant, Lecie O’Neal, with a polite request to please forward on to each alderman.

You can find talking points for your letters here.

City of Caddo Valley
Address: 137 Malvern Rd.
Caddo Valley, AR 71923
Phone: 870-246-8283
Fax: 870-246-5729

Joseph Jackson
Phone: 870-260-2290

Administrative Assistant:
Lecie O’Neal


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